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Gracias a Eduardo Manchón ( y he descubierto hoy una de esas aplicaciones de comunicación que "cambian tu vida", vamos, que hay un antes y un después... Skype te permite hablar (con una calidad sorprendente) y chatear a través de la tecnología P2P.
Espero captar al máximo número de amigos esta semana: ¡lo que me voy a ahorrar en móvil! ;)

Muchísimas gracias, Eduardo. ¡Ah! Y siento mucho haber interrumpido tu llamada... :P

Albert López
Albert López
SEO, Content Marketing & Web Analytics Advisor

Back in 1998 I came across the Internet while studying computer engineering, and by 2000 its effect had me working on it. I have been a designer, frontend developer, programmer, usability specialist, SEO, entrepreneur, manager, mentor, consultant… In short, I have surely participated in 99% of everything that an internet business encompasses, and always with passion, enthusiasm and TEAM!

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to be able to surround myself with people better than me and, thanks to an incessant curiosity and eternal thirst for learning, I have always been moved by the new, the unexplored, optimization and measurement, and especially the user experience and the positioning of content to convert.

So far, I have worked at Solostocks (Grupo Intercom), Softonic, Uvinum (a brand I was the proud creator and co-founder of), Drinks&Co Marketplace, and I have collaborated with maaaany startups. Today I am involved in and I am diving into the new crypto world (cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, NFTs, Web3, metaverse, DeFi, etc).

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