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Como habreis podido observar, en el menú de la derecha, encima del calendario, os muestro el PageRank de mi weblog... ¡sin necesidad de tener la ToolBar de Google!

¿Y qué significa eso? Pues que utilizo un código PHP, junto con SSI para calcularlo y mostrároslo.

¿Quereis ver el código?

define('GMAG', 0xE6359A60);

//unsigned shift right

function zeroFill($a, $b){

$z = hexdec(80000000);

if ($z & $a){

$a = ($a>>1);

$a &= (~$z);

$a |= 0x40000000;

$a = ($a>>($b-1));


$a = ($a>>$b);


return $a;


function mix($a,$b,$c){

$a -= $b; $a -= $c; $a ^= (zeroFill($c,13));

$b -= $c; $b -= $a; $b ^= ($a<<8);

$c -= $a; $c -= $b; $c ^= (zeroFill($b,13));

$a -= $b; $a -= $c; $a ^= (zeroFill($c,12));

$b -= $c; $b -= $a; $b ^= ($a<<16);

$c -= $a; $c -= $b; $c ^= (zeroFill($b,5));

$a -= $b; $a -= $c; $a ^= (zeroFill($c,3));

$b -= $c; $b -= $a; $b ^= ($a<<10);

$c -= $a; $c -= $b; $c ^= (zeroFill($b,15));

return array($a,$b,$c);


function GCH($url, $length=null, $init=GMAG){


$length = sizeof($url);


$a = $b = 0x9E3779B9;

$c = $init;

$k = 0;

$len = $length;

while($len >= 12){

$a += ($url[$k+0] +($url[$k+1]<<8) +($url[$k+2]<<16)


$b += ($url[$k+4] +($url[$k+5]<<8) +($url[$k+6]<<16)


$c += ($url[$k+8] +($url[$k+9]<<8) +($url[$k+10]<<16)


$mix = mix($a,$b,$c);

$a = $mix[0]; $b = $mix[1]; $c = $mix[2];

$k += 12;

$len -= 12;


$c += $length;

switch($len){ // all the case statements fall through

case 11: $c+=($url[$k+10]<<24);

case 10: $c+=($url[$k+9]<<16);

case 9 : $c+=($url[$k+8]<<8);

// the first byte of c is reserved for the length

case 8 : $b+=($url[$k+7]<<24);

case 7 : $b+=($url[$k+6]<<16);

case 6 : $b+=($url[$k+5]<<8);

case 5 : $b+=($url[$k+4]);

case 4 : $a+=($url[$k+3]<<24);

case 3 : $a+=($url[$k+2]<<16);

case 2 : $a+=($url[$k+1]<<8);

case 1 : $a+=($url[$k+0]);

// case 0: nothing left to add


$mix = mix($a,$b,$c);

// report the result

return $mix[2];


//converts a string into an array of integers (the numeric

//value of the char)

function strord($string){


$result[$i] = ord($string{$i});


return $result;


function getPR($_url){

$url = 'info:'.$_url;

$ch = GCH(strord($url));


$pr = file("



$pr_str = implode("", $pr);

return substr($pr_str,strrpos($pr_str, ":")+1);


echo "Mi PR es: ".getPR("")."";


Albert López
Albert López
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Back in 1998 I came across the Internet while studying computer engineering, and by 2000 its effect had me working on it. I have been a designer, frontend developer, programmer, usability specialist, SEO, entrepreneur, manager, mentor, consultant… In short, I have surely participated in 99% of everything that an internet business encompasses, and always with passion, enthusiasm and TEAM!

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to be able to surround myself with people better than me and, thanks to an incessant curiosity and eternal thirst for learning, I have always been moved by the new, the unexplored, optimization and measurement, and especially the user experience and the positioning of content to convert.

So far, I have worked at Solostocks (Grupo Intercom), Softonic, Uvinum (a brand I was the proud creator and co-founder of), Drinks&Co Marketplace, and I have collaborated with maaaany startups. Nowadays I am involved in and I am diving into the new crypto world (cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, NFTs, Web3, metaverse, DeFi, etc).

Today, my professional journey continues to evolve. In addition to my involvement with, I have joined as a partner and SEO Manager at Mindset Digital, a boutique digital growth agency in Barcelona. Alongside Hugo Palomar and Jan Almuni, we are expanding the horizons of marketing and digital presence. And as if that weren’t enough, I am also immersed in several ‘side projects’ that promise to be exciting. Among them are VinomadaWine, Logoteo, Escaperoos, and LeGoodAnfitrión, a mobile app that we are developing with great enthusiasm. I am always on the move, constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges that allow me to continue growing and learning in this dynamic digital world. If you’re looking for innovation, creativity, and experience, you’ve found me!

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