1, 2, 3... y 4: Probando!

Fotografía en blanco y negro de los 4 componentes de la banda de rock AlterEgo El título de esta primera entrada de mi WebLog personal, a parte de metáfora inicial como prueba de "sonido", me sirve para inaugurar la web musicalmente. Cómo no, lo haré con el single del grupo de rock en el que canto (o algo):

Alone (No More Hate)

El grupo se llama AlterEgo. ;)


All my life
In a waiting room
Wishing well
To rest in peace

All the answers
That I don't know
When the dreams come true

(Estribillo 1: )
Wake up your ambitions
No more hate, no more hate now
Untie all your illusions
No more hate, no more hate now

Face the world
All alone
You're not here
To win a race

Curse the blame
But don't give up
I don't care
Who I am

(Estribillo 2: )
Forgive your superstitions
No more hate, no more hate now
Untie all your illusions
No more hate, no more hate now
Feeling all this people
I forget who I am

(puente: )
Listen - my old friend
You can - take my hand
All this - loneliness
Whispers - in your head

Singing - all alone
In the - darkest room
To defeat - your fear
To control - yourself

(Estribillo 2 + Derroche + Solo guitarra)

Albert López
Albert López
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